CCMP Grout

CCMP Grout is specially formulated for precision non-shrink industrial applications. This non-shrink, non-metallic grout does not contain chloride and can be used in range of consistencies from plastic to fluid. CC MP Grout meets ASTM C1107 Grade C requirements.

CCMP Grout is ideally suited for a wide range of applications requiring strength and durability including: heavy equipment and machinery bases, structural columns, pump and equipment bases, precast tee joints, repointing mortar joints, structural cracks, bearing plates, rail posts and sealing bolts, post tensioned cables.

CCMP Grout contains specially graded, fine and select silica aggregates, cement, shrinkage compensating ingredients, and plasticizing and water-reducing agents. Strength, dimensional stability, flowability, workability and setting characteristics are assured by careful blending in plants under rigid quality control standard.

CC MP Grout Multi-Purpose Construction Grade Grout

  • CC MPG: 50 lb. bag
  • CC MPG: 3000 bag
  • 56 bags / pallet

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