CCHC Hydraulic Cement

CCM Hydraulic cement is a single component, expanding, hydraulic cement based water-stop mortar. It is designed to stop running water and seeping water through cracks in concrete and masonry under hydrostatic pressure, through openings in concrete or masonry.

CCM Hydraulic Cement can be used to quickly and permanently stop running water through seeping cracks, holes, joints, vertical or horizontal masonry and concrete surfaces under hydrostatic pressure. Other applications Include: To quickly and permanently plug and seal construction holes left by wood or steel separators, form ties or tie wire cut-offs. As a rapid-setting anchoring grout for ornamental/functional iron, dowels and bolts where continuous high vibration is not a factor. By plumbing and electrical trades to permanently grout openings around clay, plastic and metal pipes, boxes and fixtures placed in masonry and concrete walls. Filling and resurfacing honeycombs and surface breaks in precast and poured in-place concrete, as well as cracked and broken masonry joints.

CC Hydraulic Cement Repair Active Water Leaks

  • CC HC: 50 lb. pail
  • CC HC: 50 lb. bag

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