FASTRAC CE815 Epoxy Grout

FASTRAC CE815 Epoxy Grout is a three-component, 100% solids, high performance, epoxy machine grout. It is characterized by low dust, high bearing area, low exotherm, negligible shrinkage and creep, fast cure and excellent flowability.

FASTRAC CE815 is ideal for high stress applications in such industries like wind turbine, gas transmission, refining, chemical processing, pulp and paper, steel rail, marine and other machine base plate grouting applications in the heavy industrial equipment industries. New equipment installations or quick re-grouting applications subject to chemical attack and extreme vibration are ideal for CE815 Epoxy Grout. Can be used as an anchoring adhesive.


  • Made in America
  • High impact resistance. High early strength. High effective bearing area.
  • Low exotherm cure for deep pour capability
  • High oil and chemical resistance
  • Excellent flowability
  • Precision grouting with negligible shrinkage and creep
  • Pre-measured units
  • Easy soap and water clean up

FASTRAC CE815 Epoxy Grout – Standard & Extended Depth Formulations

  • 0.5 cu. ft.
  • 2.0 cu. ft.
  • 3 component kits

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