FASTRAC CE330 Demarc Pro

FASTRAC CE330 DEMARC PRO Epoxy Binder is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, low to medium viscosity, high strength, low modulus, multi-purpose liquid epoxy binder formulated for use with colored crushed glass and other aggregates. Apply to approved substrates with approved aggregates to reduce pedestrian, cyclists and vehicular incidents. Add increased awareness, friction, aesthetics, safety and long term durability.


  • High strength, low modulus epoxy binder
  • Quick to install. Open to traffic in 3 hours at 70°F.
  • Highly durable with a proven track record
  • Technical support 24/7 from experienced technicians
  • Agency independent testing lab certification
  • Apply by hand or machine
  • Low maintenance
  • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • Made in the USA

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